The role of responsibility accounting in activating corporate governance - an analytical study of the opinions of a sample of employees of some private banks listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange

  • (1) * Mohammed Ali Hassan            The General Directorate of Qadisiyah Education, Ministry of Education  

  • (2)  Ahmed Abdulkadhum Abdulabass            College of Administration & Economics University of Kufa  

  • (3)  Rafid mohammed salman             University of Kufa Najaf, Iraq  

  • (4)  Zaid Abdulzahra Jaffar             University of Kufa, College of Veterinary Medicine, Najaf, Iraq  

    (*) Corresponding Author


The study aims to ascertain the significance of responsibility accounting in activating corporate governance in some private banks listed on the Iraq Stock Exchange (Ashur Investment Bank, Zain Iraq Islamic Bank, Asia Iraq Islamic Bank, Sumer Commercial Bank, Nour Iraq Islamic Bank). The approach was used (Descriptive-analytical) to analyze the nature of the relationship between the variables of the study. The questionnaire was used as a main tool for collecting data. (280) questionnaires were distributed to a random sample of (auditors working in the control and internal audit departments) in some private banks listed on the Iraqi Stock Exchange. The number of questionnaires retrieved was (272), of which (256) were valid for statistical analysis. The researcher employed many statistical tools and methodologies, including the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, correlation coefficient, and basic regression approach, to analyse the practical element of the study. The data was analysed using complex statistical software programmes, namely AMOS.V (.24), SPSS v.26, and Excel (2007). Theoretical findings indicate the presence of a knowledge gap about the function of responsibility accounting in promoting corporate governance, both in a general context and specifically within certain private banks listed on the Iraqi Stock Exchange. The study's practical findings indicate a moral correlation and a moral impact association between responsibility accounting and its dimensions, and corporate governance. The survey yielded several conclusions indicating a strong interest and enthusiasm among staff of certain private banks in prioritising corporate governance.


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